Argentina Cuisine

Argentina Cuisine

Argentinean cuisine is one of the most rich and unique in the world. As a result of the extensive pasturelands, many of the national dishes have as their base the internationally famous Argentinean meat, a main staple in the diet in the Pampas region.

Also very common in the country are the meat pies which consist of light dough filled with pieces of chicken, ham, or cheese, onion, eggs, olives, and spices. The Parrilladas also are very well known and very popular, made from almost every part of the cow.

For dessert, you will want to try the delicious alfajor - sweet, traditional, and very popular in Argentina. It has a double filling of dulche de leche and is covered with sugar and chocolate. You will feel like you are in heaven! The wonderful jellies and jams of Bariloche and San Martina are capable of taking your breath away at the first bite, and the home-made chocolate will make you go back several times before you are satisfied. Argentinean ice-cream also deserves attention; also hand-made, it has a distinct texture and taste.

Wines from Argentina are usually very well accepted due to their characteristic taste. Another popular drink is the mate, made by infusion like tea.

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