Argentina History

Argentina History

The development of the country of Argentina took a slightly different course than the other South American nations. The La Plata region took a long time to become established. The area began to develop with the foundation of the city of Buenos Aires. Unlike other countries that were colonized, Buenos Aires had its development interrupted by the Spanish abandonment of the city. Years later, in 1580, the city was officially instituted as a success.

The major growth of the city occurred due to its port and thus trading. Its independence occurred on July 9, 1916, when a fight began between the civilians; one side wanted provincial autonomy while the other side defended a centralized government. After a few conflicts, the central government dominated, and with this, the economy began to develop.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the country was vulnerable and the democracy, unstable. External taxes and the constant change in the international economy left a significant segment of the Argentinean population unemployed. After two coups, João Domingo Perón emerged as President and his government was characterized as being extremely corrupt. In 1955, the government suffered another coup and Perón was exiled. During the next 30 years, Argentina found itself in an extremely unstable political scene, frequently moving from democracy to military despotism. After 1973, when Perón returned and was once more elected president, he governed for a brief period of time until his death.

As a result of Peróns death, once more, military forces took over power in Argentina. After six years, democracy returned with the election of Raúl Alfonsin. He was later substituted by Carlos Menem who governed the country for most of the 1990s. In 1999, Fernando de La Rua was elected president, followed by Eduardo Duhalde who came in through a provisional mandate. In 2003, Argentinas government began to return to a level it hadn't seen in many years. Nestor Kirchner's government re-elevated the development of the economy.

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