Argentina Natural Aspects

Argentina Natural Aspects

Pure natural wonders, a blend of different colors and contrasts and an amazing friendliness of the people will make your trip to Argentina a unique experience in your life.

Reaching from the middle of South America to the southern tip of the continent, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. Within South America it is the second biggest country after Brazil in size (2.8 million square km) and population (37.81 million people). Its size is nearly as great as the size of India or comparable to one third of the United States.

To the north and east it borders Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia. With Chile it is not just only linked on the western frontier but also shares the territory of "Tierra del Fuego" and Patagonia. Argentina rises from the Atlantic to the Chilean border and the enormous Andes mountain peaks. "Aconcagua" (6,960 m, 22,834 ft.) is the highest Argentinean peak as well as the highest peak in the world outside Asia.

The country can be divided into four major geographic sections:

  • in the North the fertile lowland "Gran Chaco" with subtropical rainforests,
  • in the Center of the country the central Pampas which are rich in cultivation and sheep- and cattle-grazing sustaining the majority of the population
  • in the West the Andes with the Lake District, grape-filled foothills and glacial mountains,
  • in the South the famous cool region of Patagonia combining pastoral steppes, wooded and fertile sections and glacial regions.

Thanks to this wide extension it possesses a great variety of diverse landscape. The differences in the landscape include one of the worlds highest mountain areas, vast deserts and imposing waterfalls. As the countryside changes, so does the people and the character of Argentinas life-style. Traveling through Argentina means passing through subtropical rainforests and fertile lowlands, the cosmopolitan bustle of Buenos Aires, and the desolate, loneliest place in Patagonia with pastoral steppes, thunderous falls of Iguaçu, glacial mountains and grape-filled foothills. Argentina is famous for its twenty national parks because of its consciousness to care for the environment and its interest in sustainable development of theses areas.

Even with Argentinas recent economic problems, its attractions - the passionate culture for soccer and tango, the elegant capital with the most European-flavored style in South America and the unique natural wonders - are still as appealing as ever. The actual challenges do not have any negative influence on the traveling experience, because Argentinean people are glad to receive tourists. In South America it is one of the countries were traveling is really relaxing and easy. You will find Argentinean people usually very open-minded, well educated, helpful and with an astonishing interest for Europe and other countries. Tourism facilities exist in all destinations.

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