Argentina Weather

Argentina Weather

Because of its extension with various regions, the climate in Argentina is extremely diverse. In contrast to North America, the hottest days of summer are between the months of December and February, while the coldest, between June and August.

The northern area of the country has a very hot and humid summer with an average temperature of 25oC; in the winter the average is 13oC. The precipitation in this region is between 1,000 and 1,500 mm.

The central region of Argentina has a milder climate with an average temperature of 23 oC during the summer and 9o C in the winter. The annual precipitation varies from 510 to 760 mm.

The Patagonia is a little warmer in the winter, yet, because of the winds that blow in from the Atlantic Ocean, is very cold during the summer. In winter, the average temperature is 2o C. The annual rainfall is 410 mm in the Andes and approximately 80 to 280 mm along the Atlantic coast.

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