Bolivia Cuisine

Bolivia Cuisine

To all who visit the country, the variety of rich Bolivian cuisine will excite anyone’s tastebuds. It is characteristic of the region to serve a full lunch, which usually consists of an appetizer, main dish, dessert, and coffee. Breakfast consists of coffee, cake, cookies, and fruit. Supper is less sophisticated than lunch.

With the many wonderful and unique national dishes, it is important to point out the Saltenha, a meat and vegetable pie, the Chunhos (chunky potatoes dried in the cold), satja (chicken sauce covered with spicy peppers), stuffed potatoes (very spicy), Ihaucha pacenha, typical of La Paz (cheese bread), stuffed tomatoes (spiced meat and/or vegetables.) Meat (sheep, llhama, or goat) also is a specialty and is accompanied by potatoes and rice. In the interior, potatoes are substituted by mandioc (a root) or by regional vegetables.

In the Lake Titicaca area, they often serve trutas and fish (robalo, dourado, and surubim are also found in Bolivian waters). In some areas, they also eat monkey and alligator. Bolivia has a spicy sauce that is well liked by its people - the llajhua, which contains tomatoes and locotos.

With regard to drinks, the primary ones are coca mate tea and api (made from corn). Chicha (made of corn, fruits, or grains) is also very popular along with beers that vary with each different area of the country - the higher the altitude, the more foam the beer will have. Wine is another drink that is consumed and appreciated in Bolivia.

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