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With a territory of continental dimensions, Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and the fifth in the world, in total area.

With extensive geographic, economic and social diversity, Brazil has an extraordinary national unity, mostly due to the Portuguese language spoken in all regions. The typical Brazilian, in fact, is a state of mind that is embodied in the various regional ways of life of Brazilian North, Northeast, South, Southeast and Midwest.

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About Brazil - Summary

Describing Brazil in a few words is a magnanimous challenge, as it is a deliciously complex and extensive country. Brazil is certainly carnival, soccer, samba, beaches, beautiful people, exotic fruit and sumptuous dishes. Additionally, it is has a variety of ecosystems, mountains, rivers, canyons, rain forests, jungles, swamplands and waterfalls. Above all, Brazil is arguably the world’s greatest melting pot of cultures.

Brazil is a country full of rich history, stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and religious ideologies. A variety of traces stemming from European, Asian, North American, Indian, and African are some of the influences inside the country. This plethora of heritage makes Brazil a diverse country blooming with cultural affluence.

The fifth largest country in the world, both in land area and population, Brazil occupies more than half of the South American continent and borders almost all of its countries, with the exception of Ecuador and Chile. Furthermore, Brazil and its more than 165 million people share:

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