Brazil Cuisine

Brazil Cuisine

The food in Brazil is a delicacy that is delectable to the senses and contains an explosion of flavors. One of the regions with the most savory cuisines is Bahia. The most famous snack food of the region is called acaraje, which is black eyed peas mashed in salt and onions, deep fried in dende palm oil in the shape of a crispy golden bun, and then filled with dried shrimp and optional pepper sauce or salad. You can find this dish at a variety of street vendors and corner stands. Other popular bahian street dishes are vatapa and caruru. The former being ground cashew nuts with dende oil, dried shrimp, and coconut milk. The latter is okra cooked in dende oil with dried shrimp and other seasonings. These dishes are also served to accompany acaraje.

Aside from Bahia, the northeast region is mostly known for its moqueca, which is a seafood lightly stewed in palm oil, coconut milk, tomatos, onions, and herbs. Moqueca is also usually accompanied with farofa which is dende fried flour and also comes with white rice. If you really enjoy seafood, octopus and squid are other options as well. Sometimes, octopus, squid, or lobster can be retrieved freshly out of the ocean depending on the location.

In the city of Rio de Janeiro, there is a multitude of regional restaurants known for some of the principal dishes in the southeast. Feijoada carioca which is black bean stew and different meats, herbs, and seasonings, is served over white rice, with farofa, greens, orange slices, and fried bananas. 

Another popular Brazilian delicacy is the churrasco which is traditional Brazilian barbecue. One of the more popular choices is the churrascaria which a restaurant where various waiters circle your table with different skewers and cuts of pork, beef, and chicken that are sliced onto your plate. You can enjoy as much as want until you can no longer stuff your face! There is also a self-serving buffet in the center of the restaurant with other side dishes and salads.

In the state of Minas Gerais, there is a large assortment of food to choose from with some of the most appetizing dishes the country has to offer. Since Minas Gerais is more inland, the food is mostly composed of chicken, beef, and pork, with a selection of veggies and dairy as well. One of the more popular dishes of the regions is leitao a pururuca or braised piglet which is served with coconut milk and refried beans. One cannot visit Minas Gerais without trying a refreshing Brazilian beer, or some freshly made juice. However, one of the world best spirits is called Cachaca that is produced in Minas Gerais. Cachaca is in the main drink of Brazil called Caipirinha. Drink Cachaca straight up or enjoy a tasty caipirinha with your meal.

In the northern region, most of the cuisine is seafood related and associated with the Amazon. There are numerous types of fish, each one prepared in a particular way. The fruit is also frequently served with dishes and the Cupuacu is the principal fruit in the Amazon. Usually accompanied with desserts or sweets, the cupuacu is a large meaty fruit with the taste of a pear and hint of banana.

Even if you happen to be vegetarian, you will find various delights in Brazil. The fruit alone is enough to satisfy your palate.  Some of the popular fruit in Brazil is jaca (jackfruit), abacaxi (pineapple), goiaba (guava) acai, carambola (star fruit), tamarindo (tamarind), manga (mango), and more. Many juice bars are open 24 hours and make fresh juices along with other popular items. Acai topped with banana and granola is usually the most common and a must try when coming to Brazil. A mixture of different leaves and herbs with spices prevalent to region make salads a nice option at many restaurants as well.


Aside from food, Brazil hosts an array of drinks and cocktails waiting to be tasted. The caipirinha is the most popular and is blended with cachaça, crushed limes, sugar, and ice.  The drinks are very delicious but can also be strong and once you have one, you will most likely want 2 or 3 more. In Bahia, the more identified drink is caipiroska. This is similar to the caipirinha but vodka is used in place of cachaça. The caipiroska or roska for short can also be made with a number of fruits as well.

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