Chile Cuisine

Chile Cuisine

The gastronomic experience Chile has to offer is incredible and wide-ranging; from its first-class seafood, to rich agricultural products, to traditional empanadas, one feasts like a king inside Chile’s borders. Cuisine is something one must of course explore locally, but there is a plethora of wonderful foods to be found nearly everywhere in Chile.

Probably the most common food in Chile, and for that matter South America as well, is the empanada, a flaky turnover filled with meat, chicken, cheese, seafood, or some combination of the four. Great for a quick snack or lunch, empanadas can be found everywhere from street corners to neighborhood restaurants.

Unlike many other South American countries, Chile has fantastic fresh-baked breads, bakeries, and sandwiches, perfect for a good, healthy, quick meal. The local panaderias can be found in the biggest city to the smallest town, and is a quaint cultural experience in and of itself.

Also famous in Chile as well as many other South American countries like Argentina and Brazil, is the red meat. The quality of meat and preparation is superior to that of North America and Europe, and Asados (barbecues) parilladas are, aside from being another cultural experience, simply delicious and prevalent in any region of the country.

For dessert, be sure to visit the local heladerias to try home-made, Italian-style ice cream. For something a little different, try the various sweets made from dulce de leche, a caramel like sauce made from condensed milk.

Rest assured that with all the wonderful cuisine Chile has to offer, no traveler will go hungry!

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