Chile Weather

Chile Weather

Chile stretches over 4,300 km (2,700 mi) along the southwestern coast of South America. Because of its length, Chile encompasses a variety of climates (the country contains both arid deserts and icebergs). There is no one time that is perfect to visit every part of the country, but our favorite season is summer (October-March).

Northern region
Extreme aridity prevails over the northern part of the country; the average annual rainfall in this region is 0.10 cm (0.04 inches). Temperatures are moderate along the coast throughout the year and more extreme inland, especially in the central basin. The average temperatures for the hottest (February) and coldest (July) months are 22ºC (72F) and 16ºC (60F).

Central Chile
Central Chile (30-40 degrees latitude) has a Mediterranean type of climate, with cool and rainy winters (April to September) but without a completely dry season. Average annual precipitation increases substantially and temperatures decrease toward the south. The average temperatures for the hottest (January) and coldest (July) months at Santiago are 20ºC (68F) and 8ºC (46.6F), respectively. The average annual precipitation at Santiago is approximately 38 cm (15 inches).

Southern region
The climate of the southern region is cool and rainy the year round. It is characterized by abundant low clouds. The average temperature for the warmest (January) and the coldest (July) months are 14ºC (57F) and 4ºC (40F) respectively. The average annual precipitation is 302 cm (119 inches).

The changes of the snow line on the westward-facing slopes of the Andes can serve as an indication of the variation in climatic conditions with latitude and altitude. Most travelers visit the southern region during Summer time (from November to March), however we can recommend travelers to travel in off-season as well, particularly between March and May en September and November.

As the trees change their leaves and produce all sorts of colors in the Autumn months of March thru May and even when there is snow in September the landscape changes dramatically with clear skies and white mountains, as Spring begins.

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