Easter Island Travel and Tourism Information

About Easter Island - Chile

Easter Island is the most isolated land on earth, 3.700 km away from the South American continent. That explains why the name of the island in the local language is Rapa Nui which signifies "navel of the world".

This tiny triangular island (117 square km and close to 3.000 inhabitants) is nevertheless very famous worldwide for its moai, huge and strange statues made of stone that cover Eastern Island.

With meadowlands and volcanos, this island, invites you to discover it. The most important volcano, Rano Kao, is located near the city of Orongo.

The originality of Easter Island lies in the great number of "Moai" that can reach until 10 meters high.

Some of these statues show their back to the ocean, some lie unfinished in the quarrys. The quarry of "Gorro" and some caves are near by the small capital of Hanga Roa. 

Even now, there is a mystery surrounding the construction of these colossal figures because there is still no certitude about the way these statues were built and removed until their actual location.

Even if Eastern Island is part of the Chilean territory, there are many similarities between Pascuans and Polynesian people, due to the fact that the first inhabitants of Eastern Island came from this archipelago. Besides, Anakena beach for instance, reminds us the typical polynesian beaches with its fine white sand and coconut palm trees.

Eastern Island is 4 hours flying far from Chile. We advise you to spend at least 4 or 5 days in this wonderful and mysterious island.
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