Bolivia Vacation Package – Lake Titicaca (2N)

Bolivia Vacation Package – Lake Titicaca (2N)

Travel to Lake Titicaca, Bolívia and experience its wonders with this 3 Day / 2 Night Travel Vacation Package and Tour that includes Accommodations, Uru-Iruitos Floating Island Tour, Hydrofoil Cruise to Copacabana Island, Transportation and Much More.

Bolivia Vacation Package – Lake Titicaca (2N)

Lake Titicaca, laying half in Bolivia and half in Peru, is the worlds second largest inland sea and highest navigable lake.

Lake Titicaca Vacation Package (2N) includes

Hotels in Bolivia:

  • 2 nights accommodation at Inca Utama Hotel & Spa in Huatajata.

Tours in Titicaca Lake – Bolivia:

  • Half day Tour Tiwanaku Ruins: Pre-Inca ruins considered “The Cradle of the American Civilizations”.
  • “Andean Roots Eco-Village Program”: Experience the Authentic Legacy of the Andes
  • Cruise to Copacabana, Sun and Moon Islands and the Uru-Iruitos Floating Island
  • Sustainable tourism project of local natives at Quewaya Island
  • Visit of the “Alajpacha” Native Observatory, to learn from the Aymara cosmology and wonder with the southern constellations, which still guides our neighbors daily life.


  • Transportation: Transfers from/to airport and tours in air-conditioned vehicles with your local English speaking expert guide, according itinerary.
  • Adventure: This is an easy paced trip perfect for anyone.
  • Group Size: Any group size.
  • Staff: Local professional bilingual guides will help you during the tours and transfers.

Day by Day Vacation Package Itinerary

This is a Sample Vacation Package that we have created for customers in the past.

Contact us for a Custom Package created just for you.

Day 1 – La Paz
Half day Tiwanacu Ruins: Pre-Inca ruins considered “The Cradle of the American Civilizations”. Famous for its monoliths and temples, as well as an astonishing legacy of metal and ceramic arts. Continue by bus to Huatajata (Sacred Lake Titicaca). Experience the Authentic Legacy of the Andes in our “Andean Roots Eco-Village”: share a cross cultural integration program in the handicraft and fishing villages, Mud igloos and the Floating Islands of the Uru Chipayas Culture (born on the southern part of the Bolivian High Plateau), meet the Limachi brothers, builders of all the RA II and Tigris for Thor Heyerdhal epic expeditions across the Atlantic Ocean and our herds of Llamas, Alpacas, Vicuñas as well as the protected Suri. Box Lunch Included. “Kallawaya” night experience. Evening visit to the Mystic World of the Kallawayas, where “Tata Benjo” explains his millenary healing methods and also tells the future by casting his sacred coca leaves. The Kallawayas are the natural medicine doctors of the Andes; they were using Penicillin, Terramicyn and Quinine 2.000 years ago. They believe that you have first to heal the soul in order to heal the body and due to their wisdom, Bolivia is recognized as the Cradle of Natural Medicine. Overnight at Inca Utama Hotel & SPA.

Day 2 – Copacabana
Sun and Moon Islands and the Uru-Iruitos Floating Island and the sustainable tourism project of local natives at Quewaya Island American Breakfast Start your full day Hydrofoil Cruise. After a stop at the native fishing grounds to see local fishermen on their reed boats, continue to Tiquina Strait where native ferries cross cars and trucks between the villages of San Pedro and San Paulo. Continue to the Moon Island and visit the Iñak Uyu (Sun Virgins Temple), considered the most important ruins of the Lake. Here the most beautiful young women of the Incas were in charge of a sacred fire. Hydrofoil ride to Sun Island, where according to the legend Manko Kapak and Mama Ojllo, son and daughter of the Sun God Inti, founded the Inca Empire. Visit the Inca Steps and Sacred Fountain and taste the sacred water believed to grant eternal youth & happiness. Cruise to Copacabana, the most important shrine in Bolivia. Visit the town, the cathedral and the Indian Virgin. This place gave the name to Copacabana beach in Rio. The Uru-Iruitos Floating Island and the sustainable tourism project of local natives at Quewaya Island. Visit their authentic island and understand the 5.000 years of history of this culture. Be also part of the Sustainable Tourism Project designed to contribute to the preservation -not only of nature-, but what it is more important, of the local people survival. Night visit to Alajpacha Native Observatory where you learn the southern hemisphere constellations and the Aymara Cosmo- Vision. Overnight at Inca Utama Hotel & SPA.

Day 3 – La Paz
American Breakfast Departure transfer by bus to La Paz.

Inca Utama Hotel & SPA – Titicaca Lake – Bolivia
The Inca Utama Hotel and Spa started as a modest project some 10 years ago and has grown into a tourism complex highlighting the Andean cultures. Today it is a 65 room hotel divided into two buildings – the original low slung main building housing reception, an elevator and rooms, and the new high-rise Colonial towers with accommodations and its own elevator as well. There is a fully equipped spa complete with saunas, massage, hydrotherapy, mud and salt baths and other traditional natural medicine of the Andes treatments. Facilities you can enjoy at this hotel: Huatajata hydro-harbor: The most modern harbor on the lake.

The 5* Inca Utama Hotel & SPA – Bolivia 
The overnight(s) spot: modern, panoramic & clean. The “Choza Nautica” restaurant on the water where a candlelight dinner grants a perfect romantic moment to watch the sunset. Taste the Titicaca trout from our own breeding program. Kallawayas Natural Spa. A different Spa with millenaries treatments for well being, stress and cosmetology. • The fireplace at the cozy Musiña Bar, The Mirador Cafeteria in the sky room and the Library (Andean literature and videos).