Brazil Vacation Package – Amazon Wildlife – Uacari Research Jungle Lodge (5N)

Travel to the Amazon, Brazil and Experience its RainForest and Wildlife with this 5 Day / 4 Night Travel Vacation Package and Tour that includes accommodations at the Uacari Jungle Lodge and Tropical Manaus Hotel, Jungle Tours, transportation and much more.

Brazil Vacation Package – Amazon Wildlife – Uacari Research Jungle Lodge (5N)

Amazon is the world’s largest river basin and the planet’s greatest rainforest. There is more life within the Amazon Basin than any other place else on this planet, and yet there are still millions of undiscovered species. A great place to see some of this diverse wildlife is the Uakari Lodge, a floating lodge located off a tributary of the Solimoes River, about one and a half hours ona speed boat from the small city of Tefé. It is not uncommon to be sitting on your veranda and viewing caiman obliviously passing by at the other edge of the river.

Uakari Lodge 3 nights includes

Jungle Lodge in the Amazon – Brazil :

The Uakari Lodge is comprised of 5 floating cabins off a tributary of the Solimoes River . The Lodge was designed for minimum environmental impact and is located inside the Mamiraua Reserve, the largest existing block of protected Amazonian rainforest.
The Uakari is a Sustainable Tourism Ecolodge, which provides educational and economical support to several small communities in the surrounding area. Most employees are Caboclos or local natives who are learning a specific trade. Services offered at the Uakari Jungle Lodge are designed to allow the Caboclos to improve their lives while offering visitors a more natural environment. Therefore, some services offered may not be at international hotel standards.

Tours in the Amazon – Brazil:

  • Walking trails through the flooded forest (during the rainy season only boat trips are possible).
  • Native Indian Harpoon fishing.
  • Trip to Lake Mamiraua in motorized canoe to see a variety of wildlife.
  • Paddling trips in dugout canoes to see birdlife and fauna.
  • Trip to visit a local riverine ‘Caboclo” village.

Manaus 2 nights includes:

Accommodation in Manaus – Brazil:

  • 2 nights at a Hotel in Manaus.

Tours in Manaus – Brazil:

  • City tour including the Manaus Theater / Opera House, dock area, municipal port market (a replica of the old Les Halles market in Paris) and a choice of either the Native Indian Museum or the Museum of Natural History.


  • Transportation: all transfers and tours in private air-conditioned vehicles with your private English speaking expert guide.
  • Adventure: easy. The Uacari Lodge does not permit Children under the age of 10. Tropical weather and direct sunlight demands sun protection and plenty of fluids.
  • Group Size: Any group size.
  • Staff: your private English-speaking guides will help you better understand and enjoy your Amazon experience.

Day by Day Vacation Package Itinerary

This is a Sample Vacation Package that we have created for customers in the past.

Contact us for a Custom Package created just for you.

Day 1 – Manaus
A private guide will meet you at Manaus airport and will take you to your hotel. After a long flight, you may like to rest by the hotel pool area, where you will have the choice to have dinner and see a folcloric music and dance performance. You will be flying to Tefé early the next morning.

Day 2 – Amazon
Uacari Jungle Lodge You will be taken to Manaus airport to catch a flight to Tefé. A guide from Uacari lodge will meet you in Tefé and take you to the lodge on a speed boat (approximately 1.5 hours). After lunch, you will have some time to relax before going on a tour. Depending on the rainfall, the tour could be a walking trail to see wildlife in the flooded forest or a canoe trip through the small tributaries to see wildlife along the banks of the rivers.

Day 3 – Amazon
You need will have early breakfast and set off around 7:30, which is the best time to see wildlife and also coolest time of the day. After lunch you will be able to rest for a couple of hours and get ready for the afternoon tour which is set to depart at 3pm. In the main dining room, you will join the others in your group for dinner. One one of the evenings at the Lodge there will be a presentation about the research done at the Intituto Mirauá. On the last 3 days, you will have many options of tours, depending on the weather and rainfall.

Day 4 – Amazon
Lake Mamiraua Trip on a motorized canoe to a lake inside the Reserve. Sunset picnic at the lake and on your way back you will spot nocturnal fauna, like various sized Caymans. Guided daily Walks along one of the jungle trails to see capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, uakari monkeys, squirrel monkeys, three toed sloths and hoatzin birds among many other species. You could try the traditional native Indian harpoon. You may like to visit a local riverine caboclo village to see how they live and buy some locally made artifacts. Paddling trips in dugout canoes where you will see a rich variety of birdlife and fauna.

Day 5 – Amazon
You will be taken on a speed boat back to Tefé where you will catch a plane to Manaus. A guide will be waiting to take you to your hotel in Manaus. The rest of the day is free to relax.

Day 6 – Manaus
After breakfast, you will be taken by a private English speaking guide on a Manaus city tour to include a visit to the Manaus Theater and Opera House, the Indian Museum or the Museum of Natural History (you choose which tour and let your guide know the night before). The next stop will be the port area and the Municipal (a replica of the old Les Halles market in Paris), where you will find a variety of goods, including a wide choice of handicrafts and souvenirs. Your guide will then drive you to Manaus airport. We are certain that you will have enjoyed your trip and we look forward to seeing you again in Brazil.

Hotel Options in the Amazon – Brazil

Manaus Hotel Options

  • 5 star – Tropical Manaus EcoResort (unfortunately this hotel has closed indefinitely)
  • 5 star – Hotel Villa Amazônia
  • 4 star – Blue Tree Premium Manaus

Amazon Jungle Lodge Options

  • This package is specific for Uacari Jungle Lodge.

Uakari Jungle Lodge

  • Amazonia is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, spanning more than half of the Brazilian territory. Within the 4 million square km (2.5 million square miles) of the Amazon Basin resides a wealth of life richer than any place else on earth, including 500 mammals, 175 different lizards, 300 other reptile species, tree climbers of every kind, and a third of the world’s identified bird species. Millions of species remain undiscovered. The Amazon is home to countless species of fauna and flora, including endangered jaguars, howler monkeys, tapirs, pink freshwater dolphins, giant river otters, manatees, and an incredible array of tropical birds and plants.