Brazil Vacation Package – Jalapao Adventure Off-Road (6N)

Travel to Jalapao, Tocantins, Brazil and experience its natural beauties with this 7 Day / 6 Night Jalapao Adventure Safari Travel Vacation Package and Tour that includes a 4×4 truck specially developed for this tour, 4 nights with all meals at the Safari Camp, Trekking, Sand Boarding and Cannoeing Tours, transportation and much more.

Brazil Vacation Package – Jalapao Adventure Off-Road (6N)

Get to know the ins and outs of the very little known region of Jalapão on this 6 nights and 7 days Adventure Safari. Onboard a 4×4 truck, you will explore the incredible Serra Geral mountains and will be in contact with nature. You will stay 2 nights in Palmas (the capital of the state of Tocantins) and 4 nights in a safari camp at the edge of Rio Novo.

The state of Tocantins is located in the heart of Brazil, and the Jalapão is an area in the middle of the state, about 100 km away from Palmas. The area is surrounded by the huge Serra Geral Mountains and despite being called “Jalapão Desert”, it has pure and crystalline rivers, beaches and lots of nature and wildlife. Most of the place is totally untouched.

You will travel in comfort and safety on a specially built air-conditioned 4×4 truck with 8 roof windows which come handy when you want to see something special or take photos.

Jalapao Outdoor and Adventure Safari Vacation Package (6N)

Hotels in Jalapao – Brazil:

  • 2 nights at Pousada dos Girassois, in Palmas and 4 nights at the Safari Camp.

Tours in Jalapao – Brazil:

  • “Mirante da Serra” with a spectacular view of Jalapão.
  • The Sand Dunes.
  • Sand board.
  • Trekking.
  • Canoeing.
  • Panoramic view at the Mirante Mario de Fumo.
  • Visit to the Cachoeira da Formiga and Poço do Fervedouro – where it is impossible to drown , due to its very special natural conditions.
  • Cachoeira da Velha and Cachoeira da Sucuapara.



  • All tours and transfers are in a 4×4 truck specially developed to ensure safety and comfort on trips like this.
  • Adventure: easy to moderate. Any person above 10 years old can participate. Activities are daily and limitations of each one will be respected.
  • Group Size: max. of 18 persons.
  • Staff: your private English-speaking guides will help you better understand and enjoy your Jalapao experience.

Day by Day Vacation Package Itinerary

This is a Sample Vacation Package that we have created for customers in the past.

Contact us for a Custom Package created just for you.

Day 1 – Jalapao
You will be awaited at Palmas airport and will be taken to Pousada dos Girassóis.

Day 2 – Jalapao
You will depart in the morning on well for approximately 3.5 hours, before going into the inside dirt roads of Jalapão. Lunch followed by a stop at Ponte Alta (small town), then heading towards Serra Geral and leaving civilization behind. The Suçuapara Canyon will be the first stop. This is a refreshing place where water flows from cracks in rocks, creating a contrast with the dryness of the landscape. A few more hours and you will arrive at the Safari Camp, where you will be welcomed and shown around the facilities as well as be shown a few safety instructions and tips on how to deal with the local wildlife. Dinner and overnight at the Safari Camp.

Day 3 – Jalapao
After breakfast you will be given tips on how to use the kayaks. We will start going down Novo River on the river beach in front of the Safari Camp. Rio Novo is a clean river with clear waters and probably one of the last drinkable water rivers in Brazil. Rio Novo’s sandy bottom forms beautiful beaches and gives us the opportunity to stop for some dips and perhaps see tracks of the local wildlife. You will have lunch at the Safari Camp and will go in the afternoon to the Jalapão Goilden Sand Dunes, a natural sanctuary surrounded by a huge Chapada Mountain which changes color when the sun is going down in the horizon. The place is also surrounded by a Buriti forest, big palm trees, found only in the Savanna and is home to several kinds of birds, parrots and to the big Blue Macaw, almost extinct. We bet you will never forget the sunset, moonrise and the stars. Dinner and overnight at the Safari Camp.

Day 4 – Jalapao
This will be a road day. We will only return at night. Poço Dourado is the first stop – a strong spring pool surrounded by banana trees plantes by ancient local Amerindians. The water pressure flowing from the underground is so strong that it is impossible to sink (6 people at a time). After the fun at the spring, you will be taken to Cachoeira da Formiga, a waterfall which forms a natural pool of emerald green waters. The mild temperature of the water is always an invitation for a relaxing swim and lots of fun. After lunch, we will depart to Mateiros, a village where we can buy handicraft made with capim dourado, a precious local type of grass that is golden and shiny. Dinner and overnight at the Safari Camp.

Day 5 – Jalapao
Mirante da Serra is a mysterious place, perhaps the most unexplored and beautiful flat-topped mountain in the Brazilian Outback. A 4 hour trekking follows with plenty of beautiful sites and a great view of the Dunes and the Rio Novo valley. Pumas and Jaguars live in the area; sometimes it’s easy to see their footprints in the sand. Return to the Safari Camp for lunch. The afternoon will be free to enjoy the campsite and surrounding areas. Dinner and overnight at the Safari Camp.

Day 6 – Jalapao
Breakfast, then time to start our trip back to Palmas. On the way back, we will pass by the biggest waterfall in Jalapão: Cachoeira Velha, which is very powerful and is shaped like two horseshoes. That is the only place where big Swallow birds can be found. We will continue to the little Beach: a lovely place of friendly shallow waters. After lunch, you will be taken to Ponte Alta for half an hour (bathrooms, telephones, beverages…). Arrival at Pousada dos Girassóis for overnight stay..

Day 7 – Jalapao
Breakfast then free morning. Take your time to relax and enjoy the area. Transfer to the airport. During the program, you will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner. INCLUDED SERVICES 02 nights in Hotel or Pousada (inn). Standard Room, including room government taxes. 04 nights in the Safari Camp Korubo with all meals Land transfers as detailed in the itinerary* Guided Tours as detailed. Tours can change due to operational, safety or weather condition. – The transfer from Airport- hotel-airport in Palmas are available only according to the program above. The transfer of flights TAM and GOL can be done together. NOT INCLUDED Flights Optional tours Meals in Palmas. Travel insurance Drinks, laundry, tips, telephone calls, and any other personal expenses, etc… WHAT TO BRING – Flashlight with extra batteries; – Towels; – Trekking boots; – Old tennis shoes; – Long sleeves t-shirts; – Light warm coat; – Sunscreen lotion; – Mosquito repellent; – Hat; – Sunglasses; – Medicines of personal use; INFORMATION – Although no focus of yellow fever is present, vaccination with at least 10 days in advance is requested. – Palmas is the capital city of the state of Tocantins and has a complete infrastructure. Voltage is 220 v. – Jalapão is a remote region and there is no type of infra structure. The nearest health service station is 100 km away, in the city of Ponte Alta. – There is no signal for cellular telephone, but we have a Satellite phone, for use in emergencies. JALAPÂO: 300 km distant from Palmas, capital city of the state of Tocantins. Boundary with Maranhão, Piauí and Bahia. Mixture of wasteland and savanna, with various waterfalls and plateaus, pretty warm climate, during the day about 30ºC and cold nights around 18ºC. JOURNEY AND PARTICIPANTS – Differentiated, for whom wants a narrow contact with nature. Small groups, max. 18 persons and personalized service. Any person above 10 years old can participate, activities are daily and the limitations of each one will be respected. SAFARI CAMP – Located on the margin of a river of crystalline water. Complete and fixed structure. The participants need not work (set up the tents and cook). Our Staff does its best for you to have comfort and safety during your Trip with us. MEALS Meals included in the program are detailed above and are prepared on time and with fresh food. There is always a variety: salads, vegetables, meat, fish, pasta, fruit juice and trail snacks. There is beer, soft drinks, mineral water available for purchase at the Safari Camp. ACCOMMODATION Palmas -Double rooms can have separate beds or not. Safari Camp – Tents for 2 people with individual beds All kinds of ecotourism activities depend on adequate weather conditions and accessibility. So, the above mentioned program is subject to modification, if the conditions could endanger the security or the comfort. Distances – Palmas – Ponte Alta – 180km – Ponte Alta – Safári Camp – 120 km – Palmas – Safári Camp – 300 km – Safári Camp – Mateiros – 50 km – Safári Camp – Dunas – 18 km – Safári Camp – Fervedouro/Formiga – 68 km – Safári Camp – Mirante da Serra – 28 km – Safári Camp – Cachoeira da Velha – 78 km – Cachoeira da Velha – Palmas – 280 km

This Package offers:

  • 2 nights at Pousada dos Girassois, in Palmas and
  • 4 nights at the Safari Camp

Safari Camp

  • Located on the margin of a river of crystalline water. Complete and fixed structure. The participants need not work (set up the tents and cook).

Our Staff does its best for you to safeguard your comfort and safety during your Trip with us.