Chile Group Travel Package – Highlights – Santiago, Vineyards and Easter Island (9N)

Chile Group Travel Package – Highlights – Santiago, Vineyards and Easter Island (9N)

Chile Group Travel Package – Highlights – Santiago, Vineyards and Easter Island (9N)

Travel to Chile and experience its wonders with this 9 Night Group Travel Package and Tour that includes Santiago, Chilean vineyards and Easter Island.

Discover Chile with this exciting 9 night Group package. You will spend 4 nights in the magic Easter Island and 5 nights in Santiago, Chiles capital city. During your stay in Santiago, you will tour the Chilean Vineyards and taste wines at Concha y Toro, Santa Rita and Cousiño vineyards. This package includes 9 nights of accommodation with daily breakfast, tours and transfers in/out airport/hotel.
Santiago, a capital city of almost 6 million people, will surprise you with its aspect of a modern metropolis- numerous buildings and skyscrapers that have been built in the last 15 years, due to exceptional economical growth.

The downtown area of Santiago has many historic buildings, museums and parks: Bellas Artes
museum, Precolombino museum, Natural History museum, and some old constructions such as La Moneda (government palace), The Cathedral, Central Market, Church of San Francisco and the Municipal Teather.

With meadowland and volcanos, the Easter Island invites the visitor to explore its mysteries. The most important volcano, Rano Kao, its located near the city of Orongo.

The mystique of Easter Island or Rapa Nui (name given by locals), are its many statues, called Moai, looking into the island. Some of these moai are over 10 meters tall.

There is a mystery surrounding the construction of these colossal figures because there is no way of knowing how the people moved the enormous rocks to build these statues.

Chile it is now famous for its wines. Vines that were imported years ago are now thriving vineyards producing world-renowned wines on the outskirts and surrounding areas of Santiago. Our package allows you the opportunity to visit and taste wines at Concha y Toro, Santa Rita and Cousiño. Concha y Toro and Santa Rita offer educational ´grape to wine´ tours which are included in your package. Come enjoy the regions excellent offerings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Blanc, Chardonnay and the occasionally available, but rare, Syrah and Malbec.

Day by Day Vacation Package Itinerary

This is a Sample Vacation Package that we have created for customers in the past.

Contact us for a Custom Package created just for you.

Day 1 – Santiago
Reception and transfer to Fundador Hotel.

Day 2 – Easter Island
Transfer to the airport for flight to Eastern Island. Reception at the Mataveri’s airport with necklaces of flowers, and transfer to the Otai Hotel.

Day 3 – Easter Island
Half day excursion, visiting the Rano Kau volcano, the ceremonial village of Orongo and temple of Vinapu. Free afternoon.

Day 4 – Easter Island
Half day excursion, visiting the temple Vaihu, Akahanga, Tongariki, Te Pito Kura, Nua Nau, Rano Rarako volcano. Picnic and leisure time to enjoy the beautiful Anakena beach.

Day 5 – Easter Island
Half-day excursion, visiting the temple Ahu Akivi, and the Puna Pao quarry. Free afternoon.

 Day 6 – Santiago
Transfer to Mataveri’s airport for flight to Santiago. Farewell with a seashell necklace. Reception and transfer to Fundador Hotel in Santiago.

Day 7 – Santiago
Half Day City tour in Santiago Afternoon free.

Day 8 – Santiago
Full Day depart from Santiago to vineyard in order to know the processes production and elaboration of wines in Chile. You will visit 2 prestigious vineyards in Chile. In both places wine tasting is included.

Day 9 – Santiago
Depart in the morning to Santa Rita vineyard with lunch included in Restaurant Doña Paula, in the same vineyard. In the afternoon you will visit the Shopping wine called ‘El Mundo del Vino’, where it is possible to buy the best Chilean wine from different cellars.

Day 10 – Santiago
Transfer from Hotel to airport.

Fundador Hotel – Santiago – Chile
This hotel offers 7 floors in whose interior an ample lobby stands out 150 charming rooms. For the best comfort for its guests, the hotel has 2 restaurants, bar, spa, gym, business center, parking, laundry, room service, among others. Its privileged location, in the Civic Center of Santiago, makes the ideal hotel for tourists and business people.

Otai Hotel – Easter Island – Chile
Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the Hotel Otai is a small hotel located in the center of the village. It is simple but comfortable. Each of its 21 rooms has a fully equipped bathroom. There is a restaurant specializing in Polynesian specialties and international cuisine, and there is a small cozy bar. The new pool area is a great place to relax.